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Borders Pet Rescue

We have been dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of domestic pets in the Scottish Borders since 1988. Our mission is twofold: to find suitable loving homes for abandoned and unwanted pets and to promote responsible pet ownership through education and training. We are a registered Scottish charity and rely entirely on your generosity to support our work. So thanks for visiting!

Turtle Tank Upgrade!


We currently have two Yellow-bellied slider turtles in our care, they came in to us in October 2017. Under EU laws we are not allowed to rehome them so they will be spending their lives with us now.

Here they are in their current tank which as you can see is not the nicest setup for them, they don’t have enough room to really swim about and they struggle to get out of the water to bask. We really want to provide a larger and more natural home for them where they can have a nice swim about and easily bask under their heatlamps while they spend the rest of their lives here with us.
You can help by following the link below to make a donation towards their new tank, every donation helps!!






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