Getting a new kitten in the family is a very exciting time – we know! But remember that your cat may live for over 20 years, so making the best possible start in this new relationship is very important. All the kittens rehomed from Borders Pet Rescue have been looked after by foster families until ready for rehoming so that they have the best possible chance after what may have been a traumatic start to their life.  If they have been with their mother for the first few weeks they will have learnt the basics of survival from her. If they were lost or abandoned, our foster carers will have done their best to start the socialisation and training process. Now it is your job to take on that responsibility.

Before considering adopting a kitten from us please make sure that you have considered the cost and commitment involved. You will need some basic equipment and quite a bit of time! We recommend that you read the excellent leaflet produced by our friends at Cats Protection – you can find it here.