For a long and happy relationship, it’s important to start training your dog from day one. So here’s some basic dos and donts to get you started!

When you are ready to take the training further, we recommend our friends at DogsTrust who produce an excellent series of factsheets and training videos.


  • Start training with your new dog or puppy as soon as possible
  • Keep commands clear and consistent
  • Take your time and be patient
  • Keep sessions short (15 minutes maximum) and fun
  • Practice at home first, before trying it out in public!
  • Stick to one new command per training session
  • Be positive – reward success, don’t punish failure.
  • Finish with some play – your dog will want to train again next time!
  • And then finish with a treat!
    Always give your dog an enjoyable long-lasting chewy treat to relax with at the end of a session, or he may become frustrated when the rewards/treats stop!


  • DON’T expect too much too soon.
  • DON’T tell him off if he gets it wrong.
  • DON’T train him if he is tired.
  • DON’T let your dog get bored
    – stop immediately if you see this happening.
  • DON’T shout or physically punish him
    – it will make him scared of you and may cause him to become aggressive.
  • DON’T chase him when you want him to come
    – he’ll think it is a great game and will run away even more.
  • DON’T try to train him in an area with lots of distractions
    – such as other dogs, people, noises, smells.
  • DON’T expect him to understand a command until you have taught him what it means.