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Big Puss (white nose) and Little Puss (tabby nose) are 16yr old tabby&white sisters who are looking for a new home together. They are looking for a quiet home with no other pets and they would prefer a home with no young children.

The sisters are currently in a foster home.

Big Puss is a very friendly girl, purrs a lot and always happy for some fussing. For her size, she is quite agile and shows great interest in the garden wildlife! Big Puss has an overactive thyroid and is also Diabetic so requires medication for this but she doesn’t let it slow her down! – we are able to help with her medical care if required. At night she often cuddles down with her sister Little Puss. They seem to get on well together although there can be a bit of sisterly rivalry when it comes to food or the most comfortable blanket. Big Puss likes to go out when the weather is nice but she is usually back in a fairly short time.

Little Puss is also friendly but a little bit more elusive and flighty. As soon as the door is open she is away into the garden. She is a lovely looking cat with a distinctive tabby and white coat. Once back indoors she is friendly and enjoys a little bit of fussing. She really enjoys her food and is in the queue well before mealtimes. Little Puss is happy to get out whatever the weather and she is out for longer times than her sister.
They have been used to living together and, despite their different personalities, they would definitely be best rehomed together.

Big Puss was recently diagnosed with an overactive Thyroid so she will be on medication twice a day. She is also diabetic so she receives 2 injections a day. She is due to go back to the vets in 3 weeks time to see if she will need to stay on the insulin or if it can be controlled by food alone. Once she is stable she will also be going in for a dental.

Little Puss on the other hand had a clean bill of health and enjoys watching the birds out the window. They are both enjoying their time in a foster home

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