Feral Cats

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Feral Cats

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We have been asked to help to relocate some feral cats. We are looking for homes on farms or stables.
The cats will need somewhere secure they can be kept for at least 2 weeks so they get to know their new home and they will also need to be fed as they are used to being fed where they currently are.
There has been cat flu in the feral colony and so they cannot be rehomed along other cats since they may not have symptoms but could still be carriers and spread it to other cats.
We are looking to rehome them in pairs or more from within the colony. They will be wormed, deflead and neutered where needed before going off to their new home.

If you can provide the above situation for feral cats, please click HERE to apply. (Please note we reply to all applications so if you do not have a reply within 24hours, please check your spam folder)
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Product Description

FERAL cats looking for farms/stables.