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Molly is an 18 year old female cat who came into the Rescue Centre on 24th May this year. She has various medical conditions which present a major challenge. She needs a special type of home environment which we cannot realistically provide at the Centre with our current facilities and staffing.

Molly is totally blind and needs to memorise every aspect of her environment. She had a scan on 31st May showing that her heart walls had thickened, reducing blood flow and creating variable blood pressure, which may be the cause of her blindness. Her kidney function is also impaired. She has had medication for the last three months which has kept her blood pressure under control, her heart more stable, and improved her kidney function. Overall, her physical condition has improved during her time in foster care. However, there is an element of dementia which causes her to be very vocal and unsettled. In her current foster home, Molly is much happier and content when she is able to be outside and she can navigate quite well despite her blindness so long as nothing is moved around.

The home that we are seeking for Molly would have a completely secure back garden, fenced or wired to around 3ft in height. She never jumps or climbs, but she can cope with steps so long as they are not obstructed. She has chosen to use a polytunnel during the daytime at her current foster home and is extremely comfortable and relaxed on dry soil amongst the plants. This is workable during the summer but won’t be sufficiently warm as the winter approaches. She is not so happy when brought back into the house so she would need a home with easy access to and from the garden area and perhaps some kind of outdoor shelter.

Her medication is best given by finely crushing her tablets and mixing with a very small amount of wet food in gravy. She is generally good in using her litter trays and she keeps herself clean with regular lick washes. We will continue to offer full support for Molly’s medical costs providing she is taken to our vets (Galedin vets, any branch).

If you would like to offer Molly her forever foster home, please click HERE to apply for her. (Please note we reply to all applications so if you do not have a reply within 24hours, please check your spam folder)

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