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Sid is a friendly 9-month-old collie who is looking for a new home. Sid was going to be a working dog but unfortunately, he has a problem with his shoulder (see below) that meant he could not work. Sid is good around other dogs and does want to play with them so he could live with another dog if they get on. Sid has no experience with cats so is looking for a home without them. Sid has not been around children however we feel he could live with older children (10+). Sid will need some house training and some workaround chasing cars.

Sid has a piece of loose cartilage that is causing him to not put weight on one of his legs and can cause him to have a limp at times. After speaking with our vets we are going to try little and often gentle exercise in the hope that the bit of cartilage will move back behind the shoulder and then it should not be a problem. We are to give this around 2 months to see if it works, however, if it doesn’t will most likely need surgery to remove it. Sid needs to be on Loxicom daily to provide pain relief.

Sid was on kennel rest in his previous home so he has no muscle on that shoulder so again gentle exercise or even better some hydrotherapy would be a good thing for Sid.

With the above, Sid MUST have direct access to a secure garden and not live in a home where he will need to go up and downstairs (a flight of stairs for example) to get into the home.

If you can offer Sid the home he needs, please click HERE to fill in an application form in the first instance. (Please note we reply to all applications so if you do not have a reply within 24hours, please check your spam folder)

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