Borders Pet Rescue

We have been dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of domestic pets in the Scottish Borders since 1988. Our mission is twofold: to find suitable loving homes for abandoned and unwanted pets and to promote responsible pet ownership through education and training. We are a registered Scottish charity and rely entirely on your generosity to support our work. So thanks for visiting!


Our primary purpose is to find a secure and loving home for each animal that comes into our care. Each year we re-home in excess of 200 animals and we aim to improve our capacity and facilities so that we can better meet the needs of our local community. We take in unwanted, abandoned and lost animals (cats, dogs and all kinds of small furry things). Where necessary, we provide veterinary care and behavioural training to give our animals the best chance of finding a new home. And, through our re-homing process, we strive to ensure that each new home best suits the needs of each individual animal.


We believe strongly in the need to neuter domestic pets to reduce suffering and the burden to society of feral, stray and unwanted young. All animals rehomed from our centre (except the very young) are neutered prior to rehoming.


We believe in the value of microchipping for cats and dogs, and ensure that all the animals that we re-home are chipped. In the event of your pet going missing or being stolen, the chances of being reunited are greatly improved if your animal is microchipped. (You must remember though to keep your contact details up to date if you move house or change your phone number). We offer a cheap microchipping service to the general public to help promote this initiative.

Support and education

We like to support all our new pet owners through the trials of the first few weeks and months with their new pet and are always on hand to help with any issues that arise.

And finally, we hope to play our part in educating the public, especially the young, on issues of pet welfare and to help increase the public’s awareness of its responsibility towards animals in society.

Importantly, as a small independent charity, we work closely with our neighbouring rescue centres, offering our services if we have spare capacity and playing our part in the national and international campaigns aimed towards improving animal welfare. We are a member of the leading umbrella charity, The Association of Dog and Cat Homes (ADCH).

Licence to Operate an Animal Welfare Establishment

Name of Licence Holder – Borders Pet Rescue 
Licence Number – 1002/SBC 
Issued by – Trading Standards & Animal Heath, Scottish Borders Council, Newtown St. Boswells